Dementia. How well do you know it?


If someone you know has 2 or more of the following symptoms, they might be living with dementia.

  • forgetfulness
  • memory loss
  • confusion
  • poor reasoning and logic
  • personality changes
  • poor judgement
  • inability to focus

Stage 1 Dementia

  • no significant problems
  • fully oriented in time and place
  • normal judgment
  • fully able to take care of personal needs

Stage 2 Dementia

  • minor memory inconsistencies
  • might struggle to solve challenging problems
  • have trouble with timing
  • still manage their personal care

Stage 3 Dementia

  • mildly impaired in each area
  • short-term memory is suffering
  • starting to become disoriented geographically
  • have trouble with directions

Stage 4 Dementia

  • struggle to understand time and place
  • need help taking care of hygiene
  • need to be accompanied in social settings
  • can still follow 2-step directions

Stage 5 Dementia

  • Begin repeating themselves
  • Will still wear jewellery, make-up, choose clothing, carry a purse
  • Escape preparation within first 80 days
  • Depression frequently accompanies stage 5
  • Require visual aids

Stage 6  Dementia

  • “stiff neck syndrome” = 1st sign of stage 6
  • Cannot walk and talk at the same time
  • Can read until the end of stage 6
  • Get rid of bifocals to adjust to lower eye gaze level {1 ½ ft in front, 32-34 inches when standing}
  • No tennis shoes - increases chance of falling
  • Full spectrum light increases depth perception and decreases sundowners
  • Changes in ability to perform ADL’s
  • May require up to 90 seconds to respond to questions