Prevention is important when dealing with diabetes, congestive
heart failure, high cholesterol and many other diagnoses. 


Fall Prevention Home Health Care

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is a major focus of all care team members. Fall prevention assessment is completed on admission and therapy evaluation. Our skilled practitioners will evaluate the home environment and make suggestions for safety. During certification period the nurse will continue to monitor safety in the home. Therapy will work to increase independence, safety, muscle strength and endurance. Our number one goal is prevent falls.

wound care certification home health care

Wound Care Certification

Best Choice Home Health Board Certified Wound Care provides technically advanced, surgical and non-surgical outpatient care to heal wounds that resist conventional therapy. Providing Board Certified Wound Care for chronic, non-healing wounds that have not shown improvement. These include:

  • Neuropathic ulcers in patients with diabetes.
  • Pressure ulcers due to immobility.
  • Venous stasis leg ulcers associated with poor circulation.

Diabetic Education

Best Choice Home Care has a diabetic educator on staff with 30 years of experience in implementing treatment plans. Best Choice Home Care has a diabetic education booklet we provide that is used as a teaching tool to guide through the complex diagnosis of diabetes. We break down each aspect of the disease and make managing diabetes attainable.