At Best Choice, we value your trust in our mission, and consider your peace of mind one of our priorities. Our staff are extremely devoted to assisting you and your close ones with health concerns.



Morgan, Chyle

Chyle Morgan is a Registered Nurse with 10 years of experience. Chyle has worked for Best Choice since 2009 and is the current Clinical Director. Chyle prides herself on leading the profession with evidence based practice and providing patient centered care. Chyle is committed to Best Choice leading the industry in home health.


Duncan, Carla

Carla Duncan is a Registered Nurse with 26 years of experience. Carla works full time as a diabetic educator at a local hospital. Carla consults on our complicated diabetic patients, and is passionate about teaching diabetic care. Carla is an expert at creating treatment plans for diabetics to follow.


Hendershott, Rebekah

Rebekah Hendershott is a Registered Nurse with 6 years of experience. Rebekah has been with Best Choice since 2006, and has a passion for nursing.


Suits, Kristen

Kristen has 15 years of healthcare experience with 5 years in home care and hospice. Kristen has a passion for making sure patients are comfortable and well educated in disease process. She is working toward her wound care certification.


Thomas, Autumn

Autumn Thomas is a Registered Nurse and Wound Care Certified Nurse. Autumn is responsible for overlooking the plan of care for our complicated wound care patients. Autumn has been a nurse for 6 years with experience in the hospital and home health setting. Autumn has been with Best Choice Home Care since 2012.


Wall, Angela

Angela has been a nurse for 8 years with experience on the surgical trauma unit and 1 year in home health. Angela is a compassionate caregiver with patient focused care.



Gloska, Nikki

Nikki has 15 years of experience in health care. Nikki has worked for Best Choice since 2008 as a home health aide. Nikki is currently the Customer Service Representative for Best Choice and is passionate about keeping patients in their home.



Drudge, Maureen

Maureen Drudge is a Physical therapist with 22 years of experience. Maureen has been with Best Choice since 2005 and gives her patients the most current evidence based treatment. Maureen is an expert in sports medicine and manual techniques this is useful in the geriatric population for joint mobility and soft tissue injuries.


Garal, Erven

Erven Garal is a Physical therapist with 10 years of experience. Erven has worked for Best Choice since 2008.

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Walker, Alix

Alix Walker is a Physical therapist with 14 years experience. Alix is passionate about working with the geriatric population and enjoys her role as therapy manager.


Mohsen, Mahmoud

Mahmoud Mohsen is a Physical therapist with 20 years of experience. Mahmoud has worked for Best Choice since 2005 and is an expert in orthopedics, pain management and wound care using E-Stem.



Marrow, Angela

Angela Marrow is a Physical therapy assistant with 13 years of experience. Angela has worked in the home health setting for over five years and continues to work in the hospital. Angela strives on the rehabilitation of her patient, and makes safety her top priority.



Austin, Robin

Robin Austin is an Occupational therapist with 23 years of experience. Robin has worked for Best Choice since 2013. Robin is a patient advocate and enjoys assisting patients to achieve a higher level of independence.



Flees, Leah

Leah received her Bachelor of Science in Speech and Audiology from Central Michigan University in 2005. Received Masters in Speech Pathology from Ball State University in 2007. Leah has worked in skilled nursing for 5 years, with three of those as rehabilitation services manager. Leah is VitalStim® certified and has worked in home health for three years.