What are some of the conditions that qualify for Home Health services?

Many conditions may be appropriate for home health. In general any illness, fall, new diagnosis or decrease in ability to perform daily activities will qualify. To discuss specific situations, please feel free to call Best Choice Home Care at 317.632.1500.

Who pays for the services?

Medicare will cover skilled care provided by licensed practitioners under a doctor’s supervision. For further details on Medicare coverage please refer to our Medicare page.

What is the duration of the services?

Services are provided on a nine week basis. At the end of the nine weeks our skilled clinicians reassess the client’s needs and can choose to discharge or recert for an additional nine weeks.

What services are included?

We can provide skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. We are able to offer a home health aide if skilled care is required. For further details on our services, please refer to our Home Based Therapy page and/or Preventative Care page.

What is Homebound Status?

Homebound status can be defined as short infrequent visits out of the home. A client cannot be driving or out of the home on a daily basis.

How do I know the staff is trustworthy?

All of our clinicians are licensed with the state of Indiana and undergo a criminal background check when hired. You may read up on your clinician on the Our Team page of this site. At the time of the visit, all of the clinicians will be wearing Best Choice Home Care scrubs in blue or polos with the logo. Our practitioners will also be wearing name badges with a photo displayed. If you have any issues or concerns with your provider please call Best Choice to discuss 317.632.1500.